Storeroom Clerk

A career in logistics that continues to evolve, and in an international atmosphere? Here’s where it all begins. The Caterpillar Logistics Center in Grimbergen is among the best in the world and so are our products.

At Caterpillar Distribution Services Europe in Grimbergen we are looking for candidates that are eager to work as warehouse clerks. The range of tasks will depend on which department you work for. Some examples are:

  • Order picking
  • Storage
  • Inbound
  • Shipping goods

This primarily manual labour. You may make use of rolling stock or a crane. With the right level of dedication, accuracy, and your enthusiasm, you will make sure that all orders can leave the warehouse on time.


  • You are 100% motivated to work as a warehouse assistant.
  • Experience is a plus, not a must.
  • However, the right level of interest in logistics is required.
  • You see the importance of working meticulously. With a keen eye for detail and focus, you can perform your job almost flawlessly.
  • You do not shy away from physical labour.
  • You are flexible with regards to tasks and do not mind being deployed in a versatile manner.
  • You are willing to work in shifts.
  • We are looking for candidates who are interested in long-term positions.
  • You have very good basic knowledge of the Dutch and/or English language.