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Supplier relations

One of our dealers needs an oil filter. Now! The standard delivery time is too long. What do you do? In supplier relations, you are ready to find a solution at all times. And is something unavailable today? Then you make sure it can get to our dealers as fast as possible in any case. Hydraulic cylinders, cogs, pumps, an engine or power train component? You look all over the world for it.

‘You play a key role in our supply chain. If you don’t do your part, people won’t get their parts. It’s as simple as that! Getting things done on my own initiative gives me satisfaction. And I learn something new every day.’

— Melissa

You are the link between the suppliers and the dealers and you analyze the supply chain. How? By cooperating with teams all over the world. That way, you look for the best solutions for our dealers. And then get the parts to their destination as efficiently as possible.

You have a detailed overview of the complete Cat Parts Supply Chain in your head. Inventory management, transportation, procurement … You know colleagues from across the entire supply chain. With flexibility and persuasiveness, you make the difference. Sometimes it’s a race to get the parts somewhere on time. Do you like that rush, too?

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