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Customer services

“Hello, how can I help you?” From Europe to Africa, from the Middle East to Eurasia. The Inventory and Customer Services team receives calls from all over the world. From returns to extra fast deliveries, to optimizing storage parameters. You are the central figure who provides the communication between the various stakeholders. You answer diverse questions, always with the goal of providing a solution in an efficient and quick way.

“The most challenging part about my job? On a daily basis we lay out a complex puzzle to help our dealers and internal departments. The fun part about my job? Providing solutions through strong communication with our stakeholders.”

— Danning

In the Inventory Management team, you work on optimizing the Caterpillar inventory in our global network. The Customer Services team focuses on solving problems that our dealers face every day when it comes to parts. From shipping delays to returning parts they don’t need any more and improving structural setups in ordering and shipping processes.
Strong and clear communication, working efficiently and maintaining an overview are the key skills in these positions.

The talent of these departments? In every situation you must be able to analyze, negotiate, offer solutions, and take decision. You make it work, and you convince others to take action. You always ask yourself: how do I make sure that the right part, at the right time, is delivered to the right place and that our Caterpillar dealer inventory stays strongly managed. At Caterpillar Grimbergen no day is the same, we really live for the action.

Our jobs

Unfortunately, there are currently no vacancies. However, at Caterpillar, we are always keen to meet talented people. Convinced you are the perfect fit for our team? Apply spontaneously and send your CV to personeelsdienst_grimbergen@cat.com