Global Material Management Inbound EAME Lead

A career in logistics that continues to evolve, and in an international atmosphere? Here’s where it all begins. The Caterpillar Logistics Center in Grimbergen is among the best in the world and so are our products.

Function description

  • Inbound management for EAME facilities under control tower concept, with the goal to provide on time delivery, part level visibility throughout the supply chain
  • Managing supply chain and transport activities from a project mindset, covering a network of 271 overseas suppliers to 7 Caterpillar Manufacturing facilities in EAME, with an annual volume of 42 million kgs or 16200 shipments, across all transportation modes. (about 10 shipments per hour/every day are departing somewhere in the world towards EAME)
  • Primary contact for Caterpillar EAME manufacturing facilities to identify opportunities and drive improvements in inbound international supply chain, while maintaining or improving total end to end transit time, and cost, from supplier to manufacturing facility
  • Establish daily operational framework for inbound material
  • Establish solid contact/communication pipeline with EAME receiving facilities, using available local logistics resources
  • Take superuser role in development and support to implement new visibility and collaboration tool.


  • Very good communication skills (up and down from procurement to supply chain managers) both written and verbal – and excellent active listening skills
  • Process driven / Analytical mind – put logic to data and use it to drive improvements, communicate the message efficiently
  • Good understanding of the financials that drive the business
  • Proven project management skills on global level
  • Team player and able to work with different departments
  • Languages: English, French is a plus as one of the main facility is in France
  • Capacity to sets priorities and to establish a work plan with an ability to adapt to a changing environment
  • Good understanding and capacity to learn and use different tools and software (Microsoft Office Suite, Tableau dashboards, tracking tools eg GTN, Redprairie, Supplier Connect, ASC, MRC…)


  • Experience in Supply chain (purchasing, procurement)
  • Knowledge in transportation and logistics are a plus